Bitcoin split

A] You can pay for packages through bank wire transfer, perfect money or gift codes from older members. Q] Bitcoin split do I do with the tokens when I buy them.?

A] You wait for your portafoglio trezor to split a split occurs every 6 to 12 weeks.

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The split doubles the number of your tokens before you send them for mining. Q] Will the split take place immediately after buying the tokens? A] It depends on when your package is bought. There is a split barometer that reads on the site. When its filled a split occurs.

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It could take a few days. Split barometer indicates when a split will occur. Q] How do I go about the mining after getting a split?

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You can submit the number of tokens you have, and answer Yes. The process of mining is as simple as that.

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Q] When I submit my token for mining how long does it take for me to get the coins? A] It takes about 45 days to return as coins. Q] Is this the last process?

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A] Yes. That is the last process to have your coins but to prevent premature selling of coins they are escrow for about 60 days. Thereafter they become free coins.

Q] What is the advantage of waiting for a split? A] To double your tokens So that you have more coins Q] I forgot to ask how many token makes a coin after mining? A] This is determined by what we call Difficulty level in Onecoin.

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Q] What is difficulty level? A] It is the number of tokens require to mine a coin. At present it is It increases from time to time.

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The more the difficulty level increases the more valueable the coins get. Q] What was the value wen u joined?

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Has bitcoin split been any increase? A] You bitcoin split sell your coins inside our internal exchange, later this year you can use your coins to buy tangible products from merchants who will accept our coins. You can bitcoin split load your coins into the Mastercard directly for withdrawal Q] Bitcoin split, do I gain anything wen I introduce this opportunity to a friend?

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You can make weekly bonuses if you decide to share the opportunity with others. But this is not a requirement. You choose to be pure investor.